"Grow the Game"

UNF lacrosse players are doing their part to grow the game

       Everybody involved in the lacrosse community has heard the term "grow the game" before. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America and the UNF lacrosse team is doing their part to continue that. Across Duval and St. Johns county, the Ospreys account for 12 coaches. Ten players and two UNF coaches spend time throughout their weeks coaching at the High School and Middle School levels.

       With the combination of commitments to school work, their jobs, and their own lacrosse team; it is impressive what the Ospreys are doing in our community. Six schools are being impacted daily  by the efforts of our student-athletes and coaches.

       We hope this can shed a little light on the love for the game our UNF lacrosse team has and our commitment to it's continued growth.


Providence High School / Oh Yeah LC

Adam Kilby - 3rd year - Varsity Defensive Coordinator/ Assistant Coach

Ryan Pasinski - 2nd year - JV Co-Head Coach

Michael Leary - 1st year - JV Co-Head Coach

Coach Stan Williams - 3rd year - Middle School Assistant

Bartram Trail High School/ Crush LC

Alex Testa - 1st year - JV Assistant Coach

Zack Prince - 1st year - JV Assistant Coach

Steph Rotolante - 1st year - Volunteer Assistant during Summer/Fall

Ponte Vedra High School/ Sand Gnats LC

Coach Jim Applegate - Alot of years  - JV Head Coach

Matt Keeler - 1st year - JV Assistant Coach

Creekside High School/ Monarchs LC

Graham Gaver - 1st year - Varsity Assistant/Goalie Coach

Episcopal School of Jacksonville/ Crush LC

Joe Kissick - 1st year - Middle School Assistant/ Program Goalie Coach

Atlantic Coast High School

Tye McGhee - 1st year - Volunteer Varsity Assistant